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At Retiba, we intend to make the calculation, analysis and interpretation of valuation results simpler, more accurate and more enjoyable!

To this end, we have developed four key products:

Retiba Academy: Making Valuation Theories More Understandable

One of the issues complicating the valuation of startups is the founders’ lack of awareness on the theoretical concepts of valuation. For this reason, we are going to make the basic concepts in the valuation of startups and SMEs simpler and more understandable by providing high-quality content and effective training at Retiba. To this end, our tools are:

  • Webinars and workshops
  • Electronic Magazines
  • Blog posts
  • Monthly newsletters

Valuation Software: Making Valuation Calculation More Accurate

Performing valuation calculations, based on different methods, approaches and scenarios, is another underlying reason for the complexity of valuation, and we intend to convert these calculations to a simpler and, of course, more accurate process at Retiba by developing simple and user-friendly tools. To this end, in addition to valuation calculators based on different methods, we have developed other analytical tools and provide you with results in an analytical report beyond a simple valuation. Some of the most important Retiba’s tools include:

  • Business Model analysis tool
  • Cap-Table analysis tool
  • Risk analysis tool
  • KPI analysis tool
  • Market analysis tool
  • Competitor analysis tool
  • Convertible Note calculation tool

Mentorship Platform: Making Valuation Results More Reliable

Apart from the issues of calculations and understanding the fundamental concepts of valuation, calculations and interpretation of results are other factors making the valuation process of startups complicated. We have solved this problem with 24-hour access to expert valuation mentors at Retiba. After entering the Retiba panel and investigating the list of valuation mentors and selecting one of them, you always have an expert mentor throughout the process of preparing financial data, performing calculations and completing questionnaires, interpreting the results of the valuation analytical report; moreover, you can access mentors via Retiba valuation dashboards in order to consult with him/her to ensure the validity of the calculated results.

Retiba Plus Packages: Making Fundraising Deals More Simple

Receiving an independent analytical report from an objective entity to facilitate negotiations is another need of startups to be met. Considering this issue and having brilliant experience in the valuation of different businesses, Retiba is prepared to accompany you via Retiba Plus package. All the processes of document preparation, financial projection file analysis, business model evaluation, KPI evaluation, market and competitor evaluation, valuation and design of investment agreement will be completely done by Retiba’s experienced experts and offered through Retiba Plus package. A comprehensive valuation report will be submitted to the employer in the form of an online session, with Retiba’s seal of approval and the signature of the valuation expert within 3 to 4 weeks.

Mission statement:

Making business analysis simpler, more pleasant and real time.

Vision statement:

The most trusted business analysis software.

Core Values:

Commitment, Innovation and Reliability.


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