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These days, most of us have a dream of a successful business and Generating ideas. Many times, witnessing the success of people in their startups, we have asked ourselves how these people came up with such novel ideas and what the secret of this creation of exceptional ideas is. We have often regretted seeing the best-selling products in the chain store because we have realized that this idea had come to our minds many years ago.

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What does really distinguishes us from people like Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, Elon Musk, Tesla founder, and Garett Camp, Uber co-founder? What extraordinary features did these people have that have led to the creation of such revolutionary ideas? If you have such questions in mind, the following article can contribute to getting your answer

Idea generation is the creative process or procedure that a company uses in order to figure out solutions to any number of difficult challenges. It involves coming up with many ideas in a group discussion, selecting the best idea or ideas, working to create a plan to implement the idea, and then actually taking that idea and putting it into practice. The idea can be tangible, something you can touch or see, or intangible, something symbolic or cultural.

What is the difference between ordinary people and extraordinary entrepreneurs in generating ideas?

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between ordinary people and extraordinary entrepreneurs is that ordinary people usually spend their whole lives waiting for an amazing business idea to come down from the sky, like the famous Newton’s apple, instead of creating an idea ignoring the fact that their expectation would never come true.

If these people had spent some of their time reading the story of huge startups, from creating ideas to achieving success and maturity, they would have found that there is a long story behind every successful business that requires certain features from the very beginning. The truth is that, contrary to popular belief, creating an idea for a successful business requires organization, research, and planning. Evaluating a business idea is one of the most important parts of generating an idea.

How is an idea generated?

  • It is the subject of our interest: This helps us in the sense that the human mind is usually eager to know and learn about topics that interest them
  • It solves a problem that bothers us so much: Are there any stronger motivations than solving a problem that gets on our nerves?
  • It is a product that we can mass-produce it: What is the point in generating an idea that can not be converted to a business?

How to organize your mind to generate a startup idea?

Now, with these three features in mind, it’s time to figure out how to organize our minds to generate ideas for ​​our future startup. The following list can help you:

1. Make a diary of everyday problems

2. Identify your interests and skills, so that you can generate ideas

Let’s begin generating idea this way: In general, it is recommended that we bear three features in mind while generating an idea:

Next, always have a notebook with you and make notes of problems you face, no matter how trivial, unimportant, or significant it is. Gradually you will have a treasure of problems requiring solutions. When you look at these problems consciously, thousands of good business ideas may be extracted from them. If you ask me, I will tell you to prioritize the problems that have bothered you the most. In many cases, it is the need to solve these problems that generate the idea. Keep in mind that if you have a problem, there are other people experiencing a similar problem. If you can identify one of these problems and find a solution for it, you have guaranteed your business success.

As a first step, I ask you to take a pen and paper. Think and ask yourself what skills you have. What is your interest? If possible, find the overlap between your interests and skills, perhaps these intersections are the key to generating a successful idea. I recommend you to be zealous in learning about your interests and skills. Try to identify all the new events, emerging products, and phenomena in your chosen field. Knowing where the world is heading and what ideas are being welcomed these days can effectively lead you to generate an idea.

3. Expand your relationship circle

4. Follow the world news

 Some successful idea developers recommend that you pay attention to the issues that make you angry. These issues usually have the potential to motivate you to change the current conditions. Are you worried about global warming? Does widespread hunger in an African country make you angry? Does the garbage leave in nature bother you? Are you dissatisfied with the inaccessibility of special services to vulnerable people? Ask yourself what can be done in response to the problem. Do a search about it. Be creative and go beyond the known borders.

5. Put simplification of people’s lives on your agenda

For the last piece of advice, we would like to point out that today is the simplification of people’s daily lives era. And the Internet is at the heart of it. Find out what needs you can meet and what services you are able to provide more easily. Many entrepreneurs behind today’s gigantic businesses have come up with ideas in this way.

The last word

Perhaps the best advice for generating an idea is to be an explorer. If an area of ​​interest catches your eyes, do not be satisfied with little knowledge. Do not leave the topic until you have explored it completely.

When a problem comes your way, as you are nagging to yourself, think of a way to solve it. Look at the problems as potential ideas. Click To Tweet

Now, put the notebook in your pocket and leave the house to create an idea. Expand your social relationships. Attend festivals, seminars, and conferences. Talk to different people. Sometimes you can find interesting ideas and stories behind other people’s businesses thanks to these conversations. By looking at others and talking to them, you can identify some of the problems they face in their daily lives; problems that you may not have known about before, but you may come up with some ideas to solve them. Simply put, you may find that you have a skill that others are willing to pay so that they could learn it. Sometimes the simplest type of business is teaching what you are good at.

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