A glance at the market of precision agriculture (2020-2025)

precision agriculture
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Precision agriculture means using new technologies and methods to increase the efficiency and productivity of farms. With the rapid penetration of the Internet and smartphones, farmers’ use of wireless technologies and the Internet of Things has increased. Of course, the role of government policies should not be neglected; one policy can be offering financial support packages to encourage manufacturers to use new equipment. Monitoring systems, remote farm management, and control are among the issues that have had a positive impact on the market size.

If you are interested in having more information on the market maps published in other fields, you can read ” What is market research? In this article, we have compiled all the market maps published in Retiba.

Market / Industry segment of precision agriculture

Base Year Market size(B$) Duration(YEAR) CAGR(%) Source Name
2019 0.986 6 13.97% Business wire
2019 4 6 15% GMInsights
2019 4.356 16.80% Medium
20204.7 7 13% Grand view research
2020 5.487 13% PR news wire

Influencing factors that changes market size of precision agriculture

The size of the market value changes under the influence of many factors; the increase and decrease in the rate of these influential factors lead to changes in the value of the market size, which is provided by direct and reverse drivers in the market of precision agriculture.

Direct drivers:

  1. Government support
  2. Climatic conditions
  3. Acceptance of technology by farmers
  4. Internet penetration

Reverse Drivers:

  1. Natural disasters
  2. Increased urbanization
  3. Pest attacks

This market may also be threatened by following risks:

In all different markets and industries, the risk is always one of the factors that business founders should be sufficiently aware of. The first step is risk assessment is the identification of risks in the market in order to perform risk management. The market of precision agriculture may also be threatened by the following risks:

  1. Manufacturing risk
  2. Technology risk
  3. Legislation risk

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