A glance at the market of renewable energy (2020-2025)

renewable energy
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Human beings have naturally benefited from the energies provided by nature since ancient times. For nearly a century, fossil fuels have been used to supply energy for industry and other uses. These sources of energy supply will soon be depleted and, in addition to their limited usage, they have irreversible effects on the nature of the Earth and its atmosphere. Therefore, considering the research and development of technology for access to unlimited and clean energy sources, it seems that we are on the verge of a rapid transition from the era of limited energy and fossil fuels to the era of unlimited and clean energy.

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Market / Industry segment of renewable energy

Base Year Market size(B$) Duration(YEAR) CAGR(%)Source Name
2020 0.626 7 109.10%MarketWatch
2017 9288 6.10%PR news wire
2017 928 8 6.10%Allied market research
2017 9287 6.10%Menafn
2017 928 8 6.10%Globe news wire

Influencing factors that changes market size of renewable energy

The size of the market value changes under the influence of many factors; the increase and decrease in the rate of these influential factors leads to changes in the value of the market size, which is provided by direct and reverse drivers in the market of renewable energy

Direct drivers:

  • The issue of global warming
  • Government policies

Reverse drivers:

  • The price of fossil fuels
  • The cost of using renewable energy

This market may also be threatened by following risks:

In all different markets and industries, the risk is always one of the factors that business founders should be sufficiently aware of. The first step is risk assessment identifying risks in the market to perform risk management. The market of renewable energy may also be threatened by the following risks:

  1. Technology risk
  2. Legislation risk
  3. Manufacturing risk
  4. Stage of business
  5. Exit value risk

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