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Retiba Software

Retiba is a specialized software that analyzes businesses online in seven different layers and provides them with real-time reports. The seven layers of analysis are: Business Strategies; Market Research; Team-up & Launch; Financial Analysis; Performance Analysis; Legal Analysis and Fundraising Analysis.

Package & Pricing

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$ 99
/ Year
  • Business Strategies Analysis Tools
  • Market and Competitors Analysis Tools
  • Team-up and Launch Tools
  • Legal Analysis Tools
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • Performance Analysis Tools
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Real Time Analytical Dashboard


$ 499
/ Year
  • Business Strategies Analysis at Risk
  • Market and Competitors Analysis at Risk
  • Team-up and Launch analysis at Risk
  • Legal Analysis at Risk
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • Performance Analysis at Risk
  • Quantitative Due Diligence Reports
  • Real Time Analytical Dashboard

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By developing simple and user-friendly tools, Retiba will help you to perform various financial, legal, and functional analyses just by entering your business data without having to create different files in Excel.


Being aware of the normal values of key parameters in business analysis, Retiba allows you to enter the best values for the parameter, and guides you to achieve more accurate results by uncertainty analysis.


Your business data is considered confidential and Retiba is committed that your data will not be disclosed and the values will be only used as statistical samples in Retiba’s charts and statistical analyses without mentioning the name of companies.

And Real-Time!

Retiba’s business analysis is not temporary and specific to the time of capital increase, and with the help of Retiba’s dashboards, you will be able to enter your business data continuously and view the results real-time.