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Comprehensive databases, the quality of the available data and the security of your information in Retiba’s platform are the most important reasons why you are recommended to use Retiba is. You can use comprehensive Retiba’s databases to prepare your financial documents, select key valuation parameters, and compare your results with the valuations of similar businesses.

Market Driver

The tools provided in Retiba are beyond simple valuation calculators; in order to make the calculations more accurate, various user-friendly tools for pre-valuation and post-valuation analyses have been provided on Retiba’s platform, the most important of which include:

Market Risks

At the end of the valuation process, Retiba will provide you with a comprehensive analytical report; in addition, you will be able to use Retiba’s dashboard to compare your valuation results with similar startups real-time and benefit from Retiba’s suggested solutions to improve the your startup valuation.

Valuation Growth in Market

The calculated amount as the value of your startup is relatively examined in Retiba reports, and you can know how much your business is overvalued or undervalued compared to others; you are assured of the validity of the obtained results by interpreting these charts along with Retiba’s valuation mentors.